Comparison of the Television Series, Lost and Fringe

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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Comparison of the TV Series Lost and Fringe
As science fiction TV series, Lost and Fringe are both very attractive and interesting because for me and most of the viewers, these TV series offer the viewers a good experience to explore the unknown world. Whenever we are facing something unknown in real world, there will always be a connection of the emotion fear because we don’t know what it will bring to us. In Lost, the fear came from the unknown island and all those wired things may threaten their survival. While in Fringe, the fear came from the mysterious cases. Although the scenes are different, there are still some similarities, which is the unknown is the source of fear. As to viewers, they would easily into these TV series because viewers can find out what the unknown is together with the characters. Meantime, people react differently when facing fear. In Lost, the girl Shannon was having a sunbath when everyone else was busy saving people. The action didn’t show her relaxation, on the contrary, it reflected that she is the most frightened one and she can’t accept the fact. Compared with Shannon in Lost, Olivia in Fringe is more positive when facing fear. All the things she had done to save her loved one’s life prove that was not overwhelmed by fear. This kind of emotion can also positively influence the viewers to see through the hardships in the plot. On the other hand, viewers may compare themselves with the characters in the series. When they find out how lucky they are in the real world, they will also gain the experience of being in a frightening situation and have the courage to overcome it. To take a deeper thinking, we can see that the human culture is closely related to fear and all the frightening things make us change into what we are. In Lost, the threaten of survival made Jake go deep into the jungle to seek a safe cave with fresh water, similarly in Fringe, the death threaten made Olivia do the scientific experience may change the whole...
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