Comparison of Symbolism of Kites in the Kite Runner and Master Harold and the Boys

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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Comparison of symbolism of kites in the Kite Runner and Master Harold and the boys I am going to compare the symbolism of the kite in the play Master Harold and the boys by Athol Fugard and in the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hossseini. Firstly I will talk about the symbolism in both of the books separately. And then I will compare them to see the similarities and the differences. The kite symbol has two different meanings. In the Kite Runner the kite represents kite fighting and the blue kite that was the last opponent was the key to Baba’s heart. In “Master Harold and the boys” the kite is used to cheer up Hally when he was embarrassed by his farther. In the novel the kite was made by a professional and in the play it is made by Sam. First I will analyze the play Master Harold and the boys. The play takes place in the southeast coast of South Africa, 1950, in Hally’s parents' restaurant. This is where two black servants, Sam and Willie, work for the white family. Sam and Willie have been a part of Hally's growth and are close friends. Hally has educated Sam with the knowledge he learnt from school textbooks, but Sam has been trying to teach Hally vital lessons necessary for a healthy lifestyle. All this symbolizes the friendship on Sam’s point of view. One night Hally’s father was drunk and Sam had to carry him home, the only problem was that a black man was not allowed to walk with a white man let alone carrying him. The next day Hally was embarrassed and was ashamed of his father. Sam thought the right thing to do was cheer him up. Sam decided he was going to make him a kite. He made it out of “two of my mother’s old stockings a tomato box wood and brown paper and flour and water for glue. He used pieces of string to tie it together and make it fly”. Even though the equipment that he used was really bad it shows how much effort he is putting in to make Hally feel better. Hally did not think that the kite was going to fly “what the hell does a black...
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