Comparison of Speeches (Martin Luther King vs George Bush)

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Rhetoric, Attack Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: March 9, 2013
The two speeches I have chosen are Adolf Hitler’s (Youth Rally – 1934) and George Bush’s (Evening of September 11), I chose these two, because even despite the fact they are talking about vastly different things, they were both questionable men. Bush only in power due to his fathers position as a previous president and Hitler, an angry man who faced a number of difficulties growing up, realised his oratory skills and he succumbs to the siren song of power.

Both of their speeches intentions were to lift people and harness their power, but for different reasons, and therefore had different approaches. Bush was calm, and reassuring that the attacks on the US would not diminish their strength, they would rebuild together as a nation, and move forward. Hitler on the other hand, was aggressive in his tone, but not as much with his words. He frightened his troops into place, and due to the fact he spoke with such confidence and supposed righteousness, no one would question him, nor challenge him.

The most noticeable rhetorical device Hitler uses is repetition. His repetitive reference to Germany, sets up this incredible solidarity and focus on the greatness of them as a country and how the adults are setting the wheels in motion but it will be up to the youth to continue the dream. He was emphasizing the expectations, its quite manipulative in a way because he’s saying it in such a way that it is no matter what you are told to do, it is for the good of Germany. His language is quite calculating, saying the country so crucially relies on the youth, making them feel like every young human wants to feel, important and needed.

Bush, has a different but similar approach, he also uses repetition, constantly reminding everyone of the strength of America, and nothing anyone can do will rupture that strength. The constant reference between “us” and “them” and “good” and “evil” instilling in the citizens minds the irrefutable evidence that...
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