Comparison of Singing Competition

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Singing competition is a comprehensive entertainment.To compare the difference and significance of the singing competition in China,Japan and Korean,I have chosen three programme those represented by their countries, which are ”the Voice of China”(1)in China, ”Nodojiman”(2)in Japan and ”K-pop star”(3)in Korea.    The first difference is the rules of competition.In the-Voice-of-China, talents are selected in blind audition(4).It shows the essence of music without any live performance, but also the result is fair and non-default.In Nodojiman, it is very simple that only includes pass or fail for those who are failed and disqualified(5).For the K-pop star,coaches can face up the participants when they perform,they may consider the winner who has better image and great appearance with good voice.

  Coach is the another aspect on comparison.In the-Voice-of-China, four famous Singer who are invited to be coaches who are fixable from the beginning: Yang Kun(6),Na Ying(7),Liu Huan(8) and Harlem Yu(9).In the coaches aspect, they were good at different aspects and they would choose the winner in different views.(10)For the participants, they convinced the coaches are all professionals so that admire them. In Nodojiman,each episode are usually served by two different coaches since the program has been broadcasting for 65 years without any fixed coaches. In Korean program,they used fixed coaches such as Yang Hyun-suk(11), BoA(12) and JYP(13) who are on behalf of their brokerage company to observe the potential of the players, but also to see whether he is worth to be discovered or not.In the contestant point,is the fastest way that can be chosen by the agents and coaches then enter in showbiz eventually.Thus, the use of coaches is an important way. Moreover,the advertisement of these programs are different.In the Voice of China,purchased the copyright of the program of the Holland(14)with expensive audio equipment and well-made programme production,as well as the...
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