Comparison of Nora and Juliet

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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Romeo and Juliet Project: Nora and Juliet Essay
The most unique personalities develop from those who refuse and rebel against banality and conventionalism despite others’ expectations, such as Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. Though Juliet and Nora are women in a male dominated society, their mental immunity and resistance to their outside influences let them succeed in becoming more independent. Though Shakespeare’s Juliet and Ibsen’s Nora have different approaches to overcoming family oppression, the expectations of society, and their personal flaws, they both succeed in becoming more individual and unique.

According to the prompt, it is important to understand clothing in the Elizabethan era before comparing and contrasting these two young women. Elizabethan era clothing often has hand-made individual styles, which are adorned with various materials and gems. Women often wear ten layers of underclothing, including corsets, stomachers, smocks, stockings, farthingales, or a hooped skirt, rowles, petticoats, kirtles, foreparts, and partlets. In addition, six pieces of over clothing is worn in the Elizabethan Era: hats, dresses, sleeves, ruffs, cloaks, and shoes (Alchin Elizabethan men wear a maximum of four pieces of underclothing which may include shirts, stockings, codpieces, and corsets. Men also wear up to eight pieces of over clothing, which are belts, doublets, sleeves, breeches, belts, ruffs, cloaks, shoes, and hats (Alchin Men in this era also carried knives, swords, daggers and other battle and work tools (Anderson Clothing could be used to determine the social status or ranking of a man or woman in the Elizabethan Era. Jewelry was made with precious jewels such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies embedded in gold or silver. Rosary beads, buttons, and mirrors were often used by the less wealthy as jewelry. The...
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