Comparison of Linux and Solaris

Topics: Unix, Operating system, Sun Microsystems Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Comparison and Contrast of Solaris and Linux
Pat Burke
POS 420
May 7, 2012
Richard Bohn

Comparison and Contrast of Solaris and Linux
The purpose of this essay is to compare the two operating systems, Solaris and Linux and summarize how they match up to each other. In this essay the operating systems Solaris and Linux will be compared. In this comparison, the installation of these systems will be discussed. How these systems boot and should be shut down will be compared. As will all operating systems user management is important so how the two systems compare in this aspect will be explained. Controlling processes will be explored for both systems, along with Disk Administration, File System Administration and basic configuration and networking. As with any well running system, maintenance and troubleshooting are important to keep it running. How Solaris and Linux are maintained and some of the main troubleshooting points will be discussed. Security is very important in all aspects of technology, so how these two systems match on in security will be explored. Finally, we will compare how printing takes place with Solaris and Linux. In order to make an intelligent comparison of Linux and Solaris, we need to take a look at how these systems are built. Linux is an operating system but it is also a kernel. Linux can be considered as GNU. Many users have never heard of GNU because in the business world it is call Linux. GNU is associated with the freedom of the free software movement. Solaris is a UNIX operating system developed by Sun Microsystems. It is known as Oracle Solaris now. Early on in its development, it was proprietary software but by 2010 Oracle discontinued public updates to the source code of the Solaris kernel, making it a closed source. Even though Solaris is considered closed source, industry partners can access in-development Solaris source code through Oracle Technology Network (OTN). The open source portion can be...
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