Comparison of ISO 10006 and ANCS PM

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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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1. Comparison of ISO 10006 and ANCSPM
Project management is developed based on the practice of modern project management, and it is defined as the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to integrate processes necessary to meet project requirements and strategic goals. Moreover, the standards of project management can effectively assist to standardize the whole processes of projects and achieve their goals. However, different standards have their distinctive features. There are various illustrious project management standards in the world, such as PMBOK Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge) which is published by the PMI (Project Management Institute), APMBOK (Body of Knowledge) which is published by APM (Association of Project Management), ICB (IPMA Competence Baseline) which is published by IPMA (International Project Management Association), ISO 10006 which is published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and ANCSPM (Australian National Competency Standards for Project Management) which is published by AIPM (Australian Institute of Project Management). ANCSPM simultaneously absorbed the ideology and content from PMI and APM. Moreover, ISO is a special and powerful organization to formulate international standards. Therefore, I will select one of the international project management standards, ISO 10006, for comparison with the Australian Standard ANCSPM in order to deeply comprehend the similar and different contents of them.


To sum up, there are main two apparent differences between ISO10006 and ANCSPM. On the one hand, ISO 10006 highlights professional knowledge first, while ANCSPM focuses on the personal competency. On the other hand, ISO 10006 attempts to become common solutions for each project; nevertheless, ANCSPM tends to play the role of working guide.

Figure 1.1 the Structure and Content of ISO 10006


Figure 1.2 the Structure and Content of ANCSPM

In conclusion, according to the comparison of ISO 10006 and ANCSPM, I can summarize following several aspects. ANCSPM not only stresses the knowledge, but also provides the requirement for competencies; while ISO 10006 just focuses on how to standardize quality management. There are some difference between ISO 10006 and ANCSPM due to different understanding and requirements of project management.


2. Analyzing the Difference of These Two Standards in Nine Key Knowledge areas






3. Assessing current competency against the two standards by use of the evidence guide or experience scale provided with that standard Knowledge Areas Integration Management

Evidence Guideline
(ANCSPM) Before I do my assignments, I implemented project activities throughout life cycle.

Evidence Guideline
(ISO 10006) When I faced an assignment, I made a plan for it, managed it during the process, and successfully finished this.

Scope Management

I implemented scope controls during accomplishing projects.

I understood the requirement and content, and then found out the standards for my assignments.

Cost Management

I can estimate my budget and cost of the resources.

Before I buy some food, I may make a list and budget for that, and buy that in control.

Time Management

I can monitor my time, and use work breakdown structure.

I think that I lack the competence of time management to some degree, because sometimes I forget to plan my time and control it, and this may lead to many problems to me. Quality management is very essential. Although I understand what it is, I nearly have any experience about this. As a consequence, I need to practice myself on improving my competency of quality management.

Quality Management

When I do a project, I can create quality management plan.



I understand how to plan communications processes, manage information, and manage project reporting.

I can effectively manage information and communicate with...
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