Comparison of Heterosexual-Parents and Homosexual-Parents

Topics: Love, Social status, Family Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Desmond Ford
Professor Farr
English Composition 101
16 April 2012
Comparison of Heterosexual-Parents and Homosexual-Parents
Most people have an automatic belief that a child who is raised by heterosexual-parents is better off than a child who is raised by homosexual-parents. The belief held by most people may make the task seem more socially acceptable. However, there is no law against it, nor is it written in stone that a child should not be raised by homosexual-parents. Furthermore, with the same amount of love, structure, effort, and stability homosexual-parents can be equally as nurturing to a child. The ideal family has always consisted of having two parents which consist of a male and a female. Nevertheless, having parents of the opposite sex does not mean a child with homosexual-parents cannot get the same adequate amount of love. A child with homosexual-parents has two parents who work and take care of them also. Both heterosexual-parents and homosexual-parents can and do show the same amount of love by spending time with the child, talking to the child, working to provide for the child, and showing the child affection. Homes with heterosexual-parents may seem to have more structure and balance because they do not appear to have to deal with any outside negativity. Negativity can result from a number of things such as race and social status, not just the marital status of the parents. Nevertheless, both a home usually has one or more parents who works and provides for the family and there is typically one parent who devotes a lot of time and energy in focusing on the family, especially on the child. Both types of parents can have rules which have to be obeyed, household chores which have to be done, and family time which is a must for raising a well-developed child in today’s society. Therefore, if heterosexual and homosexual parents disregard whatever outside negativity they may encounter and focus on the family and focus on what is important there...
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