Comparison of Genesis 1 & 2

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  • Published : October 27, 2013
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Brady Pair
Dr. Stewart
REL 1330 Introduction to Christianity HONORS Section
September 18, 2013

Comparison between Genesis 1 & Genesis 2
The story of creation begins with Genesis 1 and 2, it explains how the world and it’s living inhabitants were created from God’s touch. From Genesis 1 we see how the sky, seas, land, animals, and mankind were created. However Genesis 2 focuses more on the first of mankind, known as Adam and Eve and how they are made to be. In this paper I will compare Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 and what the main idea for creation is in each one, however in my opinion there is no contradiction between the two. Genesis 2 merely fills in the details that are "headlined" in Genesis 1.

In Genesis 1 we learn how God created the earth and the living things on it and what order they came to be in. The elements were created in the following order: Light first and darkness second marking the first day (Gen 1:3), land and seas on the second day (Gen 1:9), and the seasons on the fourth day (Gen 1:14). The living things were created in this order: Vegetation and plants were first on the third day (Gen 1:11), animals were second on the fifth and sixth days (Gen 1:20), male human kind was made third on the sixth day (Gen 1:27), and finally female human kind was made fourth and last on the sixth day as well (Gen 1:27). Genesis 1 briefly tells us that man was made in God’s image, made male and female, and given dominion over the animals (Gen 1:26). In Genesis 2 we merely go more into depth of the making of man and woman. Genesis 2 shows us HOW man was made in God's image. I believe man is made a three-fold being with a body that touches the physical realm, a spirit that touches the spiritual/moral realm, and a soul/mind that links them in the mental realm. Just as God appears as the Father in the spiritual realm, the Son in the physical realm, and the Holy Spirit in the hearts and minds of men. This is a great similarity and I believe it is there for a...
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