Comparison of Gandhi and John Paul Ii

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Anna Gajda
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John Paul II and Mohandas Gandhi – comparison

Have you ever wondered, if Poland and India have something in common? For the first sight – not much. However, if we think deeply, it is easy to find some similarities in history, especially that connected to the fight for independence. Both countries are also motherlands of two different outstanding figures - John Paul II and Mohandas Gandhi. In spite of differences those two men had common opinions and biographies, as they were using peaceful methods of struggle which influenced political changes, working towards reconciliation of religions and speaking about importance of learning.

The first major similarity between John Paul II and Mohandas Gandhi is their peaceful struggle for freedom of their countries and human rights. John Paul was such a charismatic figure that he influenced political changes in Poland, which was in that time dependent from Soviets and ruled by communists. He was convinced that “violence and arms can never resolve the problems of men”. Similarly, Gandhi was involved in a struggle for freedom of India from British domination without using violence. He was famous for his boycott of British goods and institutions. Another similarity between those two people is their activity on the field of improving relations between different religions. John Paul II travelled the world, met with the heads of different religions and actively worked towards mutual understanding between them. Comparatively, Mohandas Gandhi devoted himself to creating agreement in Hindu-Muslim affairs. The final similarity between them is their conviction of the importance of learning. John Paul II proved it with his life, as he knew more than 10 languages. Correspondingly, Gandhi emphasized the same with words: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”. To sum up, it is worth saying that on the example of John Paul II and Mohandas...
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