Comparison of Eastern and Western Philosophers

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  • Published : September 7, 2010
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Eastern PhilosophyWestern Philosophy
Main SchoolsBuddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Integral Yoga, Islam, Taoism,Zen Christianity**, Rational, Scientific, Logical schools
Main Principles1.Cosmological unity
2.Life is a journey towards eternal realities that are beyond the realities that surround us 3.Circular view of the universe, based on the perception of eternal recurrence 4.Inner-world dependant

5.Self-liberation from the false "Me" and finding the true "Me" 6.Behavioral ethics1.Feeling oneself as an element of the Divine 2.Life is service (to the God, money, business, etc.)
3.Linear view of the universe and life, based on the Christian philosophy where everything has its beginning and the end. 4.Outer-world dependant
5.Self-dedication to the goal (success, happiness, etc.)

The "Me" conceptEternal reality of the universal truth: self-liberation through getting rid of the false "Me" and discovering the true "Me""Me" is here and now. The true “Me” in every human being is a part of the Divine that need to become apparent. True “Me” is given and doesn’t have to be cognizable. Relationship with ReligionIntegrationOpposition

Search for Absolute TruthSystemic approach – all events in the universe are interconnected •Searching inside yourself – through meditation and right living "Though he should live a hundred years, not seeing the Truth Sublime; yet better, indeed, is the single day's life of one who sees the Truth Sublime." – Buddha •More focused on individual events and the role of the person •Searching outside yourself - through research and analysis "The truth that survives is simply the lie that is pleasantest to believe." – H.L.Mencken

Search for Truth & Fundamental ResearchThe truth is given is does not to have be proved. The philosophic base for and culture of fundamental research is weaker.The truth needs to be proven. The philosophic base for and culture of fundamental research is stronger. FutureFuture is...
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