Comparison of Dulce and Decorum Est and an Irish Airman Forsees His Death

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  • Published : October 6, 2012
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A comparison of Dulce and Decorum Est by W.Owen and An Irish Airman Foresees His Death by W.B .Yeats using different figures of speech to attract the reader’s attention The subject of both of these poems is war. Different types of language are used to attract and persuade in some cases, and in others to narrate a story. I am going to examine and discuss how these two poets use different these different types of language show the author’s opinion of war. Although, these are both war poems they also have several differences. My thoughts on these two poems, although they are on the subject of war, are both very different in many ways. In AIAFHD Yeats appears to be neutral about the situation of war, whilst in DeDE Owen is against people going to war. Both of these poets use a type of contrast to achieve these effects. Yeats uses “I do not hate”, “I do not love” as his contrasting statements. The contrast was used to help explain how Yeats is neutral about the war. The contrast works as it has two opposites that are used to produce the effect of a single word. This contrast is used with great effect to explain and justify his neutrality in the war, and also explains the two conflicting sides of the argument that are influencing the Irish Airman. Both of these statements negate each other and produce the neutral effect. Owen uses a contrast in “The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria mori”. Owen uses contrast to change the meaning of a memorable statement. By taking the memorable statement “Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria mori” and adding the contrasting statement at the beginning it changes the meaning of the statement and emphasises his point by using a patriotic statement mixed with the contrast of “the old Lie” to express the opinion of the author. Overall this contrast sums up the reality of war and states the author’s opinion. Metaphors used in both of these poems are different; Owen’s poem has negative imagery, whilst Yeats’ poem uses metaphors to...
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