Comparison of American Education and Asian Eduction

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Joshua R Coleman
Mrs. Kumler
English 10

Comparison of American Education and Asian Education

For many years, the United States has prided itself in producing the most intelligent people in the world. Much of the U.S.’s advances have been through the contributions of many brilliant scientists, doctors and other professionals. However, recent studies have shown that America is losing this advantage to many Asian countries including Japan and South Korea. American education has fallen short of the education found in the countries of Asia due to the lack of the competitive culture in America. To show the competitiveness of a nation one can look at a country’s population, average wages, and the amount of time spent in school.

When compared to countries such as Japan and South Korea, the U.S. has a much higher population. However, it is not the total population that would make a nation competitive, but the amount of people living in a certain area. According to the National Census of 2011, there are over 300 million people in the United States living in the 3,537,422 sq. miles of the country (“Profile”). According to the U.S. Department of State, country of South Korea has a population of 48,754,657 people in its 38,023 sq. mi. To put the population of South Korea in comparison to the U.S., imagine about one sixth of America’s population in side of the state of Indiana. The population of Japan consists of about 126,457,664 people living inside of its 145,902 sq. mi. The population density of Japan is about half of the United States’ population inside of the state of California. The population density shows how many people are competing with each other for jobs and college acceptance. Since America has such a large amount of territory, the people are not as threatened with each other, thus lowering its competition levels. Americans were once thought of having the richest population in the world. In 2010 National Wage Index, the average wage...
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