Comparison of Allegory of the Cave and Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published : October 8, 2014
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The Allegory of the Cave and Fahrenheit 451 Comparison
Montag – Chained Prisoner
Montag is represented as a chained prisoner because he is part of the society. The society is represented as the other prisoners. The chained prisoners can only look one way and can’t move his body. This is reflected on Montag’s society by how they all think the same way. Clarisse – Freed Prisoner

Clarisse is the one who is the rebel of the group of prisoners. She tries to go out and learn about the things. “I’m seventeen and I’m crazy…” tell us that she is not like everyone else in the society; just like how the freed prisoner isn’t like the other prisoners. Mildred – Walks towards the fire (dazzled)

Mildred is like walking towards the fire because Mildred represents how the society is like but Montag couldn’t understand what it all meant. When the prisoner walks towards the fire he is dazzled by it and couldn’t properly see how it looked like. Faber – Looking directly at fire

Faber tries to help out Montag understand the books but he couldn’t comprehend the books. The prisoner walks up to the fire and it hurts his eyes because he hasn’t seen bright light since he’s been only seeing in darkness. Beatty – Going back

Beatty tries to convince Montag to not read books and get in trouble or else he’ll face the consequences. The prisoner tries to go back because it was too bright and he would go back so he could see things properly. Mechanical Dog – Being forced out

The mechanical dog represents the prisoner being force out because the dog is the one who chases Montag to the river, out of the society. The prisoner is “forcibly dragged up the steep and rugged ascent and not let go until he had been dragged out into the sunlight” which tells us that Montag is constantly trying to pass through obstacles as he tries to reach his goal. Granger – Looking at shadows and reflections

Granger is the starting of Montag’s journey to understand more about the society and what and why...