Comparison of ‘Futility’ and ‘the Right Word’.

Topics: Life, Meaning of life, Poetry Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Comparison of ‘Futility’ and ‘The Right Word’.

In Futility attitudes to war are strongly shown. The poem mainly concentrates on the meaning of existence. The title of the poem ‘Futility’ means pointlessness and throughout the poem he is questioning the meaning of life. Also in this poem Owen shows that he maybe does not agree with war and it will not solve anything. The poem is questioning why his friend is dying and what is the point in fighting if lives are being lost or even what is the point of life if we are to die anyway. Owen fought in World War 1 himself so it makes the poem more personal as it could be about his own personal experience.

In the poem there are a lot of pararhyme’s used for example: sun and sown, once and France. This gives an uncertain tone to the poem, as the rhymes themselves are imperfect, and it supports that Owen thinks something is wrong. First person affects our perspective of the poem as it makes it more personal, as if our friend is dead and we are questioning why. It also helps Owen convey his points of how war is pointless and it is not needed as we can see the affects it has on close friends and family members of soldiers who have died. Owen also uses 2 rhetorical questions in stanza 2, ‘full-nerved, still warm, too hard to stir?’ and ‘was it for this the clay grew tall?’ This could indicate uncertainty and confusion and also could be questioning the concept of war.

There are a number of strong images in the poem such as the sun. The sun is shown as a sign of hope and a giver of life in the poem, that the sun will hopefully give the dead soldier life. We see in the poem that the sun as saved the soldier before, ‘always it woke him, even in France.’ However in the next line: ‘until this morning and this snow.’ Indicates that something is wrong and maybe that this time is different and the sun will not awake him this time. There is a contrast between sun and snow as the sun is warm and resembles life where as the snow...
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