Comparison Military to Civilian Life

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Benefits of a College Degree in the Military and Civilian Life
People often wish for a better life then what they’ve had. Striving for a better life helps sets goals and sparks motivation. I’ve joined a college to have a better life then what I was raised in, but I’ve also joined the military for the same reason. Now all there is to do is find a way to incorporate the two and try and make them work. Having a degree in the military world will make advancing easier and give a sense of personal achievement, while having a degree in the civilian world will open up more job opportunities and provide financial security for living an independent life.

The world we live in today is very technological. The paper is replaced by the computer screen and the pen is being replaced by the keyboard. The military is putting a lot of its information out on the web, in fact the standardized testing to get into the military is taken on a computer and advancement study material can only be ordered off the web on official military sites. Luckily, colleges are being offered online to help reach out to people that wouldn’t have had the chance otherwise. The two are really coming together and increasing the chance for advancement. The more rank gained, the more college credits earned get and vice versa. My generation growing up in this new era of technology is really putting me ahead of all the changes to internet reliability.

Now, I’ve always had the long-term goal of getting a degree. How can a person have a truly positive attitude if they aren’t personally satisfied? Knowing that I’m slowly achieving my goal is giving the motivation to keep on moving forward and sparking my curiosity to learn. I find myself planning my week better to fit the needs of achieving my goal. It’s giving me the strength to realize and break bad habits. Having this hunger to learn will make me a better military member and civilian, especially if I want to pursue a job in criminal justice.

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