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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Serria Sanders
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Definition Essay
March 4, 2013
Definition Essay
In today’s society many people believe that addictions are limited to drugs and other life threatening habits. Some of these habits may consist of excessive exercising, sexual activity, gambling, and even food. When a person is addicted to something they are unable to control how they use the substance or contribute to the habit. This causes the person to become dependent on the habit to cope with their everyday life. Although all addictions are not harmful to the body, the most common addictions tend to be extremely fatal to the body both mentally and physically. Addiction is a continued abusive use of a substance or habits that people become dependent on to cope with everyday life.

The most commonly known form of addiction is drugs. Understanding a person’s drug addiction is hard for many people because they don’t know how an individual can become addicted to something as harmful as drugs. It’s often assumed that drug abusers could simply stop using drugs by changing their activities and behaviors or receiving professional help. Most people, including drug dealers fail to realize that drug addiction is a complex disease. Being diagnose as a complex disease makes it more difficult to quit, even for the ones who are ready to do so. Understanding and stating that you have a drug addiction is the right start for recovery, followed by medical help.

Aside from drug addiction there are other commonly known forms of addiction, which include: excessive gambling, exercising, sexual activity, and shopping. These forms of addictions may be classified as habits that are being overly abused by an individual. . Many people don’t agree that these habits can be classified as addictions even though abusing these habits could result in becoming addicted to them and causing similar behavior that abusing a drug could cause. Unlike drugs these forms of addiction are somewhat easier to withdrawal from...
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