Comparison Eessay: the Drum & the Soldier

Topics: Poetry, Rupert Brooke, England Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Comparison Essay: The Drum & The Soldier

We are studying two poems on the same themes of war. “The Drum” was written 300 years ago by Scott of Amwell. “The Soldier” was written in 1914 in the first world war and about 200 years after ‘The Drum’. In ‘The Drum’ the poet talks about a drum being beaten around the countryside calling young men to come and join the war. Scott however thinks the drum is annoying as young men don’t know what goes on in war. ‘The Soldiers’ on the other hand by Rupert Brooke who writes about dying in enemy lands. He says “In the rich Earth a richer dust concealed (line 4)”. This expresses his feelings towards dying and decomposing on foreign lands and that piece of land turns into a richer England. He is also religious as he talks about eternal mind (God) and going to heaven. The structure of ‘The Drums’ verses go in beat with a drum and every 2 lines rhyme with each other. Even though the poet is talking about a drum he also structures the poems beats as a drum. On the other hand, ‘The Soldier’ is a sonnet, love poem about England, showing how he loves and fights for his country. It is a 14-line Romantic poem and the 1st & 3rd line of every 4-lines rhyme. The language used in ‘The Drum’ is specifically directable to young men who think about wearing flashy costumes but really “They sell their liberty for charms of tawdry lace” meaning it’s really a piece of worthless clothes that make you look nice. He also uses old English as it was written 300 years ago. On the other hand, ‘The Soldier’ uses much more common words talking about the beauty of English lands – “Blest by the suns of home” Both poets have very different attitudes towards war as shown in their poems. Scott’s attitude towards war is very disturbing as he is against young men joining war. He says “To sell their liberty..... fall in foreign lands (last 4-lines of first verse)” This shows that men go into war without thinking what will happen to them in the...
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