Comparison/ Contrast of Chaplin and Keaton

Topics: Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Silent film Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: December 2, 2010
Comparison/ Contrast of Chaplin and Keaton

Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton are the founding actors for the comedian world. They both starred in numerous silent films in the early 1900s. They are commonly compared for their numerous similarities in their acting careers. Chaplin and Keaton are both comedians, they act in such a way to get the maximum laughs out of their audience. Comedic acting was much more difficult in silent films then it is now in regular films. In silent films Chaplin and Keaton had to rely on their actions to portray their comedy to the audience. In doing this, facial expressions are key to telling the audience what is supposed to be funny and what is not. Controlling these facial expressions is very difficult and both, Chaplin and Keaton, had perfected the art of controlling their facial expressions to where they could create the perfect facial expression at the exactly the right time.

Although Chaplin and Keaton were both early comedic actors they were very different in numerous ways. Their clothing was one very distinguishable difference. Chaplin was now for his old dirty bowler hat, long flat raggedy shoes, and old torn and tattered clothes; while on the other hand Keaton was manly seen were very nice and clean clothes and a lot of the time a very nice suite. The two actors walks were very different also. Keaton walked very properly and Chaplin was known for his very funny bow legged, clubbed footed walk. Chaplin and Keaton portrayed their comedy in two very different ways. Chaplin was known for being very silly acting and used many facial expressions and many spontaneous body movements. Keaton was known for his solemn movements and for his famous poker face he could keep even when doing extremely dangerous stunts. Chaplin and Keaton’s life were somewhat portrayed in what they were a part in. Chaplin’s father died at a very early time in his life and his mother was very sick so he was on his own his age ten which...
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