Comparison & Contrast Essay: Motherhood: My Life Now

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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One of the most memorable quotes I remember hearing was “The first time you see your child you will understand the true meaning of love.” I never understood those words mainly because I was a twenty-one year old college student focused on school, my career, and most importantly my social life. Then on May of 2008 my favorite quote was about to become a quick realization of what I could expect and I would have a new understanding because that’s when I found out I was pregnant. My life was about to change and I would now look back and reminisce how my life was before having a baby, and now see how much more enriched my life is now after my unexpected pregnancy.

Before I became a mother my everyday life consisted of school Monday through Friday mornings and work at nights and weekends the typical schedule of any college student paying their way through school. I know it seems completely boring, but it was not all work. I of course had parties that I attended as my social life. It seems that when I was in college and no longer in high school being able to maintain a social life and work a full time job is much harder than one would think. I am sure the government has a lot of my money which was spent on frivolous items that I really didn’t need but if the money was in my hand and the clothes fit I would consider it taken. My closet was a rainbow of different designers and an array of beautiful colors, every shirt

Wilder 2
matched perfectly with my vintage designer jeans. I was in a relationship with an amazing man whom I love so dearly. We would go on trips to the mountains almost every weekend and enjoy playing horse-shoes with our neighbors, but our favorite part of our trips to the mountains was spending some time with friends in the hot-tub drinking and telling stories of our “wild pasts.“ When were hanging out around the house on the weekends, we would always have a party with friends and stay up chatting over bon-fires we would build to roast...
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