Comparison between Traditional Classes and Online Classes

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Comparison essay
Comparison between traditional classes and online classes
Modern technology and the advent of internet has brought vast changes in every part of life be it communication, education, health or travel. The traditional system of imparting knowledge is being substituted by online course in many cases. The use of internet has led to new and revolutionary changes in the field of education, teaching and learning. Internet has connected the teachers with the students who may be living in two different corners of the world. The purpose of writing this essay is to bring out the comparison between traditional classes and online classes. The first difference between these two types of classes is the physical difference like a place, where these can be held. To conduct or take traditional classes, a particular place is required, where students and teachers have to assemble physically such as in a school, a workshop or a training centre. Accordingly some physical elements are also required like chalk, blackboard, chair etc. Here time is also important as the classes have definite start and end timings. On the other hand an online class just needs a computer with an internet connection. The classes can be conducted anywhere, even from home. Students and teachers need to log into their particular courses and start working on it. Time is also not a deciding factor anymore. Secondly the style of presentation of the information varies. The curriculum may be same, but the explanation of the concepts may be done differently. In traditional classes, the teacher explains the concepts by writing them on the board, more emphasis on oral communication. While online classes have elaborate study materials, chapters broken down into power point presentation, notes and modules, which the students have to read, so more of verbal communication. But e-boards are also provided wherever necessary like for the explanation of mathematical formulas, graphs etc. The third...
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