Comparison between The Scarlet Letter and The Watership

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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The Scarlet Letter and Watership Down Comparison Essay

Various pieces of literature can be different in many ways however the underlying message can be the same no matter what the genre, or species, and planet the book is talking about. Watership Down by Richard Adams and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne are two very different books. Adams uses rabbits and adventure to convey his theme whereas Hawthorne uses humans and drama to convey his. However both Hawthorne in The Scarlet Letter and Adams in Watership Down utilize contrasting settings throughout their novels to convey the theme that the natural process is preeminent.

In The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne uses the forest to represent the natural process of life. In the forest Dimmsdale and Hester can be themselves and are much more free and happy than they are in the town where they are forced to follow societal rules. For example Dimmsdale says “Methought the germ of it was dead in me! O Hester, thou are my better angel! I seem to have flung myself-sick, sin-stained, and sorrow-blackened- down upon these forest leaves, and to have risen up all made anew, and with powers to glorify Him that hath been merciful! This is already the better life! Why did we not find it sooner?” (Hawthorne 211) Here Dimmsdale is letting loose his secrets in the forest next to Hester whereas if they were in town, he would not dare say this or even speak with Hester. He is feeling much better here in the forest and is feeling much more free, which shows that when people are just being themselves life for everyone is much better. Adams writes the same way, he writes of Hazel envisioning and eventually creating his own warren, which, is symbolic for how rabbits should live:

A rabbit has two ears; a rabbit has two eyes, two nostrils. Our two warrens ought to be like that. They ought to be together—not fighting. We ought to make other warrens between us—start one between here and Efrafa, with rabbits from both sides. You...
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