Comparison Between the Flood Story in the Bible and Gilgamesh

Topics: Human, Male, Epic of Gilgamesh Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: May 9, 2013
When comparing the story of the flood according to what is mentioned in both Gilgamesh and the Bible, one could easily see how the two versions are closely related. As much as each version of the story has a number of similarities and conceptual ideals as much as they have major differences that distinguishes each one for its own followers. The similarities one can note are the facts that the two versions agree on the fact that the flood was a punishment to human kind, they both mention the water pouring for a long time. Yet the bible was more specific in that matter, the two versions mention the commands each hero received from the God/ Gods in terms of gathering a male and a female animal from each kind, both characters were also required to build an arc, it is noticeable that the dimensions were different as in the Gilgamesh version the arc was “One full acre was her deck space, Ten dozen cubits , the height of each of her sides, Ten dozen cubits square, her outer dimensions” (Lawall, Thalmann, Patterson, James, & Spacks, 2006). As for the Biblical version of the story the measurements were “This is how you shall make it: three hundred cubits, the arc’s length; fifty cubits, its width; thirty cubits, its height” (Lawall, Thalmann, Patterson, James, & Spacks, 2006). The two men were commanded to gather the people who did good deeds in their lives and followed the teachings of god. The events of the flood were also depicted in each version very clearly but not much difference regarding how the flood started. Since in both stories, it is mentioned that the water come from the heavens and from the seas. But in the Gilgamesh version of the story “At the first glimmer of dawn, A black cloud rose above the horizon. Inside it Adad was thundering, while the destroying gods Shullat and Hanish went in front, Moving as an advance force over hill and plain. Errakel tore out the mooring posts (of the world), Ninurta came and made the dikes overflow.” (Lawall,...
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