Comparison Between the End of East and Field of Dreams (Archetypes)

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  • Published : November 10, 2012
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The Rebel Archetype

Looking at the past up until the modern era, one will notice the same figure appearing in many different types of works. The rebel archetype is an example of one of these figures. In the novel the end of east, by Jen Sookfong Lee, and the movie Field of Dreams, directed by Phil Alden Robinson, the growing rift between a father and son is a crucial component to the story. As seen in Pon Man's and Ray Kinsella's rebellious ways, the writers of both works show how forcing responsibilities and expectations on a child will eventually lead to rebellion.

When a father truly loves his son, he wants what is best for him so the child can live a happy and prosper life. However, without being able to comprehend his son’s feelings, a father’s love can become like poison that result in the son’s refusal to obey the rules. In the end of east, the readers see how Pon Man’s disobedience to his father, Seid Quan, results in them drifting further and further away from each other. In fact, Seid Quan’s blindness towards his son’s feelings is what causes Pon Man to break the rules which only enlarges the gap between them. As a way to have him more involved in the community, Mr. Wong offers Pon Man to join his son’s basketball team. However, Seid Quan quickly answers for his son saying “ ‘he wouldn’t want to have to barge in like that. They probably don’t have a spot for him anyway’ ” (Lee 79). Seid Quan does not want Pon Man to be influenced by the negativity of the boys in Chinatown. He wants his son to succeed and the only way to see it happen is if Pon Man is serious in everything he does. Seid Quan pushes the image of being a good Chinese boy onto Pon Man and expects him to take over the barbershop. Unfortunately, Pon Man views his father’s behavior as being a controlling parent and decides to fight back. As a sign of his rebellion, Pon Man “wants to punch him [Seid Quan] in the back of the head or yell at him until he crumples into a ball of splintered...
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