Comparison Between the American and the British Judicial Power

Topics: Law, United States, Separation of powers Pages: 8 (2218 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Ecole des Traducteurs et d’Interprètes de Beyrouth
Diana Darwish ; Sarah Saleh ; Giulia Yaghi ETIB L5

Comparison between the American and the British Judicial Power

A project presented to Misses Alexa Hocheime on the 27th of Novembre 2012

Interview with Her Majesty the Queen…
I- Introduction

II- Body

1- Informative part

Description: General overview on the American and British judicial powers 1-1 British judicial power

1-2 American judicial power

2- Analytic part

Differences between the two systems on different scales:

2-1 The Supreme Court

2-2 Codification of laws

2-3 Balance of powers

2-4 Jury selection

2-5 Criminal Cases

III- Conclusion

An imaginary interview with Her Majesty the Queen
* What’s your name?
* Well, as a matter of fact, my full name is “ Her Most Excellent Majesty Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of the Other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of Faith, Sovereign of the British Orders of Knighthood ” …, but I am called “ Lizzie ” at home. * What’s your job?

* I’ve just told you. I am, by the Grace of God, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Head Of the Commonwealth, Defender of … * Yes, yes, stop it! You needn’t say the whole thing again. What I wanted to know is, what do you do? In practice, I mean. * What do I do? I rule the country!

* I see. That means that you make the laws of the country, decide about the Kingdom’s affairs, order everybody about … * Well, hem … not exactly. As times are, a Monarch’s powers are rather limited you know. It’s Parliament that makes the laws of the country, … anyway I sign them, once they are made. * Well, better than nothing! But, sure, you do plenty of other very important things, don’t you? * Of course I do! I open and close Parliament, I appoint the Ministers, declare war, make peace, sign treaties with other countries … * My goodness! What an awful lot of responsibilities!

* Responsibilities? Not at all. It’s the government that decides; I just do what I am told to. * In that case I wouldn’t say that you work too hard.
* Are you trying to be smart, young man? I am the busiest woman all over the Kingdom, always fussing around, showing up at premières, inspecting new buildings, visiting foreign countries, receiving visitors at my palaces. * And how much do you get paid for all that work?

* I must manage to live only on eight million pounds a year, and that’s not much, you know. * Not much? It seems an awful lot to me!
* Not at all! The cost of living is getting higher and higher. And I have so many expenses! Take my London home, for example. Just to keep the 600 rooms of Buckingham Palace clean, to wind its 300 clocks, to polish its 10,000 windows and to sweep its 5 kilometers of corridors, I need 200 servants, which is more than I can afford! And what with the cost of servants nowadays! Fancy that, I am obliged to turn to au-pair girls for help. * I see, hard times for a Queen, aren’t they?

Now that we have relished the exclusive interview with her Majesty the Queen, we can start our study that will tackle the differences between the British and the American judicial power knowing that they both rely on the Common Law system. It is paramount to say at first that the United States of America started as a bundle of British colonies and remained so until the 18th century when it obtained its independence. Therefore, Americans have inherited a lot from the British beside their language but that didn’t stop differences from growing between the two systems, especially on the judicial scale. Our study will...
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