Comparison Between Story of Habibi and the Lord of the Flies

Topics: Qur'an, Jesus, Islam Pages: 2 (883 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Comparison between the stories of the Lord of the flies and Habibi

We notice that the authors of both stories were affected by religious books. Graig Thompson (the author of Habibi) was affected not only by the Holy Quran but also by the Holy Bible. Thompson narrates the story of little Dadola who gets married to a script of many books like Quran and the One thousand and One Nights book. Through out the pages of Habibi any reader can notice the effect of Arabic calligraphy writing in all pages of the book with a great stress on the letters that make the first words of the Quran Bismilahelrahmanelrahim. I can see that that graphic use of the Arabic words and letters in different sizes and fonts replace the use of illustrations in any book. Thompson is also affected by stories from the Bible and Quran like the story of Ibrahim and his sons Ismail and Isaac; moreover, the story of Adam is also mentioned. Also, the boat in the desert where they hide resembles the story of the Ark of Noah. Thompson uses parables to explain his points just like Jesus uses parables to explain certain lessons for his disciples. As for William Golding, the Lord of the flies includes some religious implications. The story of Adam and Eve is known in every religion and it is implied in the story. The presence of the boys on the island is similar to the presence of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. On the island, the boys claim to see a snake thing on the island just like the presence of the serpent in Eden. Another point of comparison is the symbol of evil. In the Lord of the flies, Golding uses a kind of language to describe a parachutist as super natural creature, the "flapping parachute opens and close in the wind", make him appear like an angel. In both Christianity and Judaism there is a belief that the fallen angel later become Satan who is the symbol of evil but it is not a genie. In Islam there is a belief in Genie. In pre-Islam times, the genie had magical powers and...
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