Comparison between No Means No and How We Gave Birth to the Toxic Teenager

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  • Published : July 10, 2011
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Johanna García Menchaca May 18th


The purpose of this essay is to compare the content of two articles. The first one is called “How we gave birth to the toxic teenager” by Robert Shaw and the second article is called “No means no” which was written by Daisy Goodwin.

To begin with, both articles deal with a very important issue that is becoming more and more frequent in most of today´s families. The most remarkable characteristic of today is that parents find it very difficult to enforce boundaries to their kids. They are reluctant to disciplining them because they are afraid of the fact that their children may get upset and, for example, can have tantrums. Kids obviously do not like the idea of being told off at all, so what parents strongly believe is that doing what their children want and do not argue with them is the easiest choice. “The truth is that saying no to a child is a lot harder than saying yes.” The problem of all these is that it is sometimes seen as a negative aspect. Therefore, parents may do not feel entitled to catch their children´s attention. “Discipline often has negative connotations: it´s no longer seen as neutral or positive in the way it used to.”

The two texts agree with the concept that bad behaviour is related to the first years of their kid´s life. They should be taught how to behave and also what types of food are appropriate for them to consume, when they ought to stop playing and go to sleep and these kinds of things. “The breeding ground of the epidemic of bad behaviour goes back to infancy.” “The change is evident right from birth” One common mistake is to suppose that a baby can decide when he can start doing certain things. They are not mature enough to make their own decisions so parents should tell them what to do. “...a child will spontaneously decide when to use the lavatory on his own...” “The idea that if a baby is presented with a sufficient range of foods it will...
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