Comparison Between Media Report and Actual Research Report

Topics: Scientific method, Aggression, Social rejection Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: October 17, 2011
People often give for granted that whatever is told by individuals who have a title relevant to what is being affirmed is true. Failure to take into consideration where the source of information comes from and what information is given and not given, is a common habit. This leads to a distorted vision of reality and most of the times to an incorrect understanding of the world. When comparing the article from the magazine Miller-McCune “The Good, The Bad and… Well, You Decide” with the research report of the same study, this becomes evident. Both the article and the research paper delineate a correlational study that has been conducted by Neuroscience researchers. The study was based on the assumption that in men, there is a correlation between their facial proportion and how aggressive they are. However, even though both inform about the same research, it is evident that the article from the magazine is not able to give the same detailed information given by the scientific report. In this essay I will compare the research reported in the magazine article and in the scientific report in order to underline the differences. As stated in the introduction, there are a great number of differences between the actual research and what is reported in the magazine. In order to understand where these differences mainly stand in, I will give a summary of the research report in order to compare it later on in the paper with the magazine article. The research report “Facial Structure is a Reliable Cue of Aggressive Behavior” was written by Carrè, Mc Cormick and Mondloch, from the department of Psychology and Centre for Neuroscience in Brock University. The scientists affirmed through a scientific method that the facial width-to-height ratio is a valid metric to esteem behavioral aggression in men. The research report starts with an abstract where the hypothesis is given and e brief delineation of the two studies that were conducted, in order to prove the theory. Following...
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