Comparison Between Lord of the Flies and Frankenstein

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Comparison between LOTF and Frank Characters

THESIS: In both Frankenstein and Lord of the Flies, characters with similar personalities living in comparable environments often play similar roles, which in effect, develop their story’s plotline.

The idea of ‘the evil in man’ plays a significant role in both novels, manifesting itself within Jack Merridew and Victor Frankenstein. In Lord of the Flies, Jack is first introduced as a boy dressed in black who presented himself to the other boys in a dominant state, attempting to be in control. Already Jack is portrayed negatively and his future malevolent actions can be roughly predicted. In Frankenstein, Victor, the main narrator, was raised in a peaceful and perfect family, engrossed by his two parents who both loved and cared for him unconditionally. “No human being could have passed a happier childhood than myself.” (#). However, Victor soon releases his true wickedness when he discovers his unquenchable thirst for scientific knowledge, leading him into a state of destruction. Both ambitious characters play the role of the main instigator who brought the tragic destructions upon other characters with whom they interact with. Mutually, neither intentionally engages in the slaying of the other characters; instead, they eradicate them indirectly. Jack witnesses two deaths throughout the course of his being on the island; Simon and Piggy’s. In Simon’s death—though Jack participated—it was primarily due to the fact that the boys were so engrossed in savagery to recognize the true identity of the ‘beastie’. Later on, Piggy was slaughtered by the sadistic Roger, who was influenced by Jack’s lack of rules and fondness for killing with no fear of disapproval. For Victor, it is his decision to deny his creature’s existence that led to many consequences including the death of his family. Victor’s rejection of the monster sent it to a state of shock and resentment, who took his hatred out on Victor’s innocent family. It...
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