Comparison Between Jumeirah & Hilton

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Cover Page.....1

Table of Contents.....2


1. Jumeirah Group.....4

1. Top Down View.....4

1. Background of the Company.....4

2. History.....4

3. International Presence.....4

4. Services.....5

2. Inside View (EGSOP).....6

1. Environment.....6

2. Governance.....7

3. Strategy.....7

4. Organization.....7

5. Performance.....8

3. Bottom View.....8

1. Weaknesses.....8

2. Threats.....8

2. Hilton Worldwide.....9

1. Top Down View.....9

1. Background of the Company.....9

2. History .....9

3. International Presence.....9

4. Services.....10

2. Inside View (EGSOP).....11

1. Environment.....11

2. Governance.....11

3. Strategy.....11

4. Organization.....12

5. Performance.....12

3. Bottom View.....12

1. Weaknesses.....12

2. Threats.....13

3. Conclusion.....13

4. References.....14


Fig.1. Jumeirah Group Logo

Fig.2. Jumeirah Hotels

Fig.3. Jumeirah Restaurants

Fig.4. Jumeirah Spas

Video Link 1. Leave the Ordinary Behind

Fig.5. Hilton Worldwide Logo

Fig.6. Hilton Fact Sheet

Video Link 2. Hilton World Wide – Vision, Mission & Values



Fig.1. Jumeirah Group Logo

1.1. Top Down View

1.1.1. Background of the Company

The group is the leading hospitality providers in the region and one of the leading providers in the world. Among its famous hotels are the most luxurious Burj Al Arab and the award winning hotel called Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

1.1.2. History

The Jumeirah Group is considered to be one of the innovative and luxurious hospitality providers in the world. Having been founded in Dubai in 1997, it soon became known among the better providers in the region. The gamut of awards won by the group is good enough testament. It built its portfolio till it was inducted as a member of the Dubai Holding, which was a consortium of leading businesses in Dubai, to augment the growth of Dubai in 2004. [1]

1.1.3. International Presence

The Jumeirah Group offers a host of services such as hotels, resorts, restaurants and spas in the leading cities of the world. It currently has its presence in 9 countries covering he UAE, UK, Maldives, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Azerbaijan and China. Soon units in Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco and Thailand will be opened in addition to further expansion in countries where they have existing operations.

It is clear from this that the group has laid an emphasis on increasing its international presence.

[1] Staff Report (2013). Jumeirah Group to hold GCC road show at the end of April., 10th April. Retrieved from

1.1.4. Services

The services provided by the group can be divided into the following subcategories. Examples from each subcategory are provided for a better understanding.

Hotels & Resorts


Fig.2. Jumeirah Hotels

Shown in the figure above are some of Jumeirah Group’s leading hotels around the world.

[2] Jumeirah Hotels [Print Ad]. In: Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts (2012). Retrieved from


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