Comparison Between Japan and Italy

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Why does Japan attract so Many Less Tourists than Italy?

Introduction Page 2
International TourismPage 2
Key Aspects of JapanPage 3
Key Aspects of ItalyPage 4
Typical TouristPage 5
International CompetitionPage 5
Conclusion Page 5
Graphs Page 6
BibliographyPage 7

In this project I will be researching about the difference in tourism between Italy and Japan. I will be researching why there is such a big difference and I will add several graphs and climate data. I will be researching the tourist attractions. I will explain the similarities and differences. I will research about tourist attractions and why a family would choose this country instead of the other. I will research about the two environments.

International Tourism
International tourism is when a person or more travel out of their home land into a different country and/or religion. It means that they travel from one place to another for reasons like for medical, sport or business. Key Aspects of Japan

Key Aspects of Japan
There are many tourist attractions in Japan but why doesn’t it get as many tourists as Italy? Japan has a place called Ginza which consists of department stores, shopping centres, restaurants and coffee shops. Ginza is said to be one of the best places for shopping in the world. It is said to also be very luxurious. The Ise Shrine located in the Mie state of Japan is the shrine built in the honour of goddess Ameterasu-Omikami. This is said to be one of the most sacred places in Japan because inside it holds the Sacred Mirror. Another interesting attraction is the Osaka Castle. It was built in...
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