Comparison Between Homestead and Free Patents

Topics: Philippines, Public Land Survey System, Homestead Act Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Comparison between Homestead and Free Patents
| Homestead Patent| Free Patent|
Definition| A dwelling with adjacent land.A mode of acquiring public land by grant to persons seeking to establish and maintain agricultural homes thereon conditioned upon actual, continuous and personal occupancy of the same as a home, and the cultivation and improvement of the land.| A mode of acquisition through the confirmation of an imperfect or incomplete title over a parcel of public land suitable for and actually devoted to agricultural purposes.It is also a grant but the applicant has already acquired vested right over the land.| History| This started in the United States when the US Congress passed the Homestead Act of 1862, under which settlers each acquire up to 160 acres of public land for a nominal fee on condition for 5 years residence and the cultivation of such land.This law was followed by another legislation and was a major factor in bringing settlers to Western USA.In the Philippines, Act No. 926 was passed by the Philippine Commission on October 7, 1903 granting homestead to any citizen of the Philippines or of the United States not exceeding 16 hectares of unoccupied, unreserved and inappropriate agricultural public land.The area was later increased to 24 hectares by Act 2874.| In the Philippines, land disposition and titling started during the Spanish Period. By discovery and conquest, the Philippines became the exclusive patrimony and dominion of the Spanish Crown. Lands were then regarded as a prize of conquest and used as rewards. Titles were granted to Spanish subjects to encourage them to settle to newly acquired territory. These titles were: 1. Royal Grant (Titulo real) 2. Special Grant (Concession especial) 3. Adjustment Title (Composicion con el estado) 4. Title by purchase (Titulo de compra)PD No. 892 discontinued these titles six months from February 16, 1976. Act 926 was also the first law granting free patents to any native of...
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