Comparison Between Homer's Iliad and Wolfgang Petersen's Troy

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  • Published : May 22, 2012
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The characterization of important figures in the film is different from the poem. Achilles for example, Homer portrays him as a formidable soldier in the Iliad, as if he was immortal but his disturbed, human being characteristics are showed in later chapters in the poem. On the other hand, Achilles is characterized as a hero in Troy. He is depicted as a respectable and laudable character in the film. One of the examples for such differences is showed in both the poem and the film, in the way Achilles treats Hector's body after he has killed him. In the Iliad, Achilles shows no emotion over Hector's death. After he has kills Hector, he ties Hector's body behind the chariot and drag him around the tomb of Patroclus for twelve days (24. 15-17). He only agrees to give the body to back King Priam after his mother persuades him with the condition of King Priam offers him a ransom (24.139-140). In Troy, however, the maltreatment of Hector's body is not shown except for the scene when Achilles drags the body back to his camp. Also, Achilles sympathizes with King Priam and willing to give the body back to King Priam unconditionally, and he even cries over Hector's body at one point. Besides, Achilles' role as a leader is highlighted in Troy. Under his leadership, him and his Myrmidons successfully seize the shore of Trojan in an afternoon. In the Iliad on the other hand, his leadership abilities is not mentioned. In Troy, Achilles is falling in love with Breseis and he is protecting her from harm and insult. In the end of the film, Achilles causes his own death while looking for her in the falling kingdom of Troy. In the Iliad, Archilles' role as a lover is only briefly mentioned by referring Briseis as his lover, (9.341-343) his fight with Agamemnon is mainly due to protecting his own honor when Agamemnon takes Briseis away from him. (1.355-356) Hector's character as the greatest fighter among the Trojan is emphasized in both the film and poem. Hector kills Patroclus...
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