Comparison Between Great Gatsby and of Mice and Men

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Great Depression Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Carlos PerezMay 14, 2012
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The Great Gatsby vs. Of Mice and Men

The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men are two dynamic works of literature that depict and scrutinize the aspects of the American Dream during two very idiosyncratic time periods. F Scott Fitzgerald centers The Great Gatsby on the time period of the Roaring Twenties or as he personally classified the time period as the “Jazz Age”. On the other hand we have John Steinbeck who takes a slightly dissimilar approach when writing his prestige novel Of Mice and Men; the novel was encouraged by The Great Depression. Not only were the two respected works of literature influenced by the dilemmas taken place during these time period, their own personal experiences equivalently played a significant portion in writing the novels. Even though both books, The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men were written during different time periods they share the common theme of critiquing the actuality of the American Dream. The Great Gatsby speaks to the corruption of the Roaring Twenties or the “Jazz Age” and Jay Gatsby's corrupted American Dream. Of Mice and Men discusses the American Dream shattered through isolation and depression. Of Mice and Men covers the themes of friendship, sacrifice and bittersweet futility of holding on to dreams. In The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald uses the lives of characters to demonstrates the corruption of the American Dream. Fitzgerald uses Gatsby's initial pursuit of his dream is one that is motivated and driven by material wealth and the ambition to live an extravagant lifestyle. Gatsby zealously believes as one accumulate more currency, one has a greater chance to fulfill their dreams.

Gatsby's dream collapses when he fails to win Daisy and is not accepted by the upper class. All his money cannot help him when old man Wilson fires a gun at him. Gatsby sees himself as a failure when Daisy chooses Tom instead of him....
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