Comparison Between Different Programme Channels on the Basis of Gaining Popularity

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Title of the Project—To make out the comparison between different programmes Channels on the basis of Gaining Popularity.

Objectives of the Project--- As my objective are to compare the Popularity of Star Plus, Sony, Zee TV, Sab TV and others. My Objectives are To Know about the Channels Normally Watched by People.
To find out the Programmes liked by the people.
To know about the Channels that provides knowledge with Entertainment. To know About the Channels providing Humorous and religious Programmes. To know about the opinion of the people regarding issues like the telecast of repeated programmes, Advertisement during programmes and duration of the programme.

Scope of the project—As my project is linked with the Comparison of Sony, Zee TV, Star Plus and others. So analysis from all age group people is to be done. So I had included people from PSMS (Punjab School Of Management Studies) and from Different areas of Sangrur City.

Research Methodology

Methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. In it we study the various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his/her research problem along with the logic behind them. Sample Design

Sample means the selected respondents/bodies of a big population and the process of choosing the sample is “sampling. Population here means those items/groups of items that are desirable

Size of sample

Sample size refers to a number of items to be selected from the universe constitute a sample. It should be optimum, thus fulfilling the requirements of accuracy, efficiency reliability and flexibility. The sample ideally is selected as a percentage of the total population of the respondents but due to limitation of time money and efforts a small representative sample was chosen. The sample sizes 30 were selected to keep the sample accurate as well as manageable.

Collection of data
( Collection of primary data:-As the scope of the study is vast and time was less so I decided to adopt Questionnaires Method to collect my primary data. Under this method, a set of a number of questions in a proper format is printed and replies are recorded by visiting the respondents. I also have personal discussions with them to know about the real outcomes. I prepared a questionnaire containing the questions which shows the comparison between Sony, Star Plus , Zee TV And others. Data tools

For my research purpose, I used various data tools to process the data. The tools are as follows:- 1. Classification of data.
2. Transcription of data.
3. Tabulation of data.
Classification of data:-This means the responses are categorized in a particular manner. In short, it refers to making the groups of responses on such a base, which can be used for analysis purpose. E.g. for question 1, classification has been on the basis of time

1. 1 hour
2. 2-3 hour
3. More Than 3 Hour.

Transcription of data: - This is an intermediate process for processing of data. In this step, just a plain sheet is ruled horizontally and vertically and then various categories responses of the respondent are shown. Tabulation of Data: - This means giving tally marks to them tabulates various responses. This is the last stage in the processing of data. Tables and graphs drawn serve as the tools for doing analysis.


It was only a pilot survey and I tried my best for this research study. Efforts are made to come up with perfect report even then 100% perfection cannot be claimed. Still the study suffered from lots of problems, some of which are as follows:--

# Only a limited area was available, so only limited data could be collected.

# It is difficult to get the respondent to answer questions honestly and correctly.

# Some respondents had a vague kind of mentality and so the responses were biased.

# The sample size is very...
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