Comparison Between Conventional and Virtual Education Based on My Experience

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In the last decade technology
involved in so many different aspects
in our life and e-communication became more powerful than ever and made the Idea of Virtual learning become true. Many people
including me believe that Virtual learning is more suitable and powerfull than the traditional learning due to the following two reasons;
First, we can attend our sessions from any place we want for example home or a coffee shop....etc, and re-attend our sessions at any time we want, it is easier to coordinate between our job and our study which is much better than the traditional way because we are obligated to attend in a specific place and a specific time and if we missed it we can not re-attend it.

Second, we can email our DR's at any time, ask them about our assignments and send it to them which is a lot better than wait tell the next day to ask the DR’s what we want plus when we write our assignment on papers there is a chance that it might get lost. moreover Internet helped me establishing a better relastion with my tutors where I can share views and ideas regarding our materials with out any boundary.

On the other hand Conventional Education give us the chance to see and speak face to face with our Dr’s and it’s a lot nicer to see them because it give us the feel that we know him better. get the opportunity to go out with the other student in my class and live the student normal life.

In conclusion: Virtual learning opened the door and made it possible for the people who want’s to study and work at the same time like me and that’s way I prefer it than the traditional way.
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