Comparison Between Comercial Arable Farming in Canada and Guyana

Topics: Forestry, Agriculture, Deforestation Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: May 14, 2013
What is commercial arable farming?
Commercial arable farming is a system of farming carried out on a very large scale, it is the extensive cultivation of usually one crop for sale in order for large profits (Monoculture). Some examples of crops that are associated with commercial arable farming are tobacco in Cuba, sugarcane in Barbados and Cotton in India. GUYANA, a Caribbean territory located between Venezuela and Suriname in South America practices arable farming on a large scale. Their crop/product for export is lumber, simply because forests are the most abundant resource in Guyana. They cover about 80% of the country. These forests range from dry evergreen and seasonal forests to evergreen rainforests. These trees (which the lumber comes from) grow in the forests areas which are located mainly to the northwest of the territory where Guyana receives majority of its rainfall due to the ITCZ and other weather conditions. Some species of lumber produced by Guyana are; * Greenheart- used for the construction of houses, jetties, bridges etc. * Purpleheart- floors and ceilings

* Wallaba- charcoal, firewood and electricity poles
* Mora- houses
* Crabwood- furniture
* Balata- used in handicraft and golf balls.
Commercial Arable farming in Guyana is very important. It comes with a lot of benefits for both the country and the people. Some benefits and importance of Guyana’s forest industry include; * Employment: Since the forest industry is progressing on such a large scale it creates a high demand for employment. Persons get jobs in that sector very easily with a descent pay.

* Foreign exchange and contribution to the GDP: With a successful forest industry Guyana will get a steady flow of income contributing to the country’s GDP. Exports of lumber to other countries are plentiful bringing more revenue. * Reduces soil erosion and landslides: with so many trees planted, Guyana will have less soil erosion due to heavy...
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