Comparison Between Breast Milk and Formula Milk

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Comparison between Breast Milk and Formula Milk
As we already know that breast feeding is such a common for mother that had gave birth for her baby. Most scientists and doctors encourage the mothers for giving their newborn baby the breast milk rather than formula milk. Breast feeding provides many benefits for the baby and the also for mothers. Breast milk has infection-fighting, the antibodies that are passed from mother to her baby through her colostrum and breast milk including immunities to ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory infections, and meningitis.Unlike breast milk, infant formula does not contain antibodies that can protect baby from diseases. Breast milk is easily digested by a newborn and avoids digestive reactions found with some formulas and breast fed babies have less frequent diarrhea or constipation. Formula fed babies tend to have more digestive related issues such as constipation and gas because the small, under-developed digestive tract of an infant can't properly digest formula. Moreover, breast milk is free although you do have to supplement your diet to make sure you stay healthy and have the nutrients for healthy breast milk production. Unlike breast milk, the cost of bottle feeding can be astronomical. Not only do you have to purchase the actual feeding equipment (i.e. bottles, nipples, disposable liners, bottle brushes, etc.) but you also have to purchase the formula. This is where the cost can become overwhelming.

Breast milk is readily available without any preparation. It is never too cold or too hot for baby and there are no additional costs associated with feeding baby, while, it is different with bottle feeding because, when traveling, a bottle feeding parent must pack enough bottles and formula to last the duration of the trip. This can be bulky and time consuming. Some research suggests that breast feeding might help reduce the incidence of future obesity for the mothers. Breast feeding causes the uterus to contract...
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