Comparison Between 3 Parodies (the Passionate Shepherd to His Love, Come Live with Me and Be My Love, the Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd)

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  • Published : March 9, 2009
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A comparison between the three parodies in the poetry anthology

‘The Passionate Shepherd to His Love’ and ‘Come live with me and be my love’ are poems that show what the poets are willing to offer to their loves if they are to come to live with them. ‘The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd’ is an answer to the shepherd’s request.

In all these poems, the first and last two lines of the stanzas rhyme. For example in “The Passionate Shepherd” the rhyming words are ‘love’ and ‘prove’; ‘fields’ and ‘yields’ (lines 1 and 2, 3 and 4); in “The Nymph’s Reply” they are ‘young’ and ‘tongue’; ‘move’ and ‘love’ (lines 1 and 2, 3 and 4) and in “Come live with me” they are ‘love’ and ‘prove’; ‘board’ and ‘afford’ (lines 1 and 2, 3 and 4).

In ‘The Passionate Shepherd’, the shepherd pledges to do the impossible such as giving her “A gown made of the finest wool” (line 14), “Fair lined slippers for the cold, with buckles of the purest gold” (line 16 and 17). All of this will be granted to her if she will “live with me and be my love” (line 25). The shepherd only thinks about the present time, he does not think about the future and all the problems that could arise, such as how he will fulfill all his promises.

The words used and pleasures promised to his love make the shepherd seem like a gentleman. It shows that he has good character because he wants to treat and spoil her in a special manner. Although once observed that he can never afford or offer any of these things, I feel that he is a liar, fool and unreasonable man that does not want to face reality. However, the fact that he offers her these pleasures shows that he loves her.

“And I will make thee beds of roses” (line 9). This line can be taken either literally or literary. He extends the extent of what he can do for his love, therefore, this line can be classified as a hyperbole if taken literally. On the other hand, if taken literary, this line could also mean that he will make her a bed that is as...