Comparison and Contrast Paper

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  • Published : August 27, 2012
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Comparison and Contrast Paper
People that live reality and people that live the television life have many similarities and differences. Everybody goes through hard times, some go through tougher times than others. Although some of the people that are on reality tv have the luxury of getting paid to do what some people have to put up with everyday. People that live reality have to worry about being able to support their family financially, while television families are paid good money to just be a family. Reality families struggle a lot. Reality families have to worry about money and their families safety. A lot of reality families can't afford to live in expensive homes with alarm systems. The economy has got terrible in the last few years and it has affected a lot of reality families, while television families are barely struggling. Some television families are ungrateful and don't realize how lucky they are. Since some reality families don't have the luxury of having tons of money they intend to have a good, strong family for support. I am not saying that all reality families aren't well off and have a strong family or that all television families don't have a strong supportive family, but I am saying that reality families got one more thing to worry about and thats money. That is a major difference between reality and television families. Their has been a major boost in reality tv in the past couple years. For example, the show "16 and Pregnant" or "Teen Mom" is a very popular show. Amber(one of the teen moms on the show) made $280,000 in a year to be a mom. What example is that suppost to be setting for a 16 year old girl? Some are thinking, well why don't I get pregnant and be on the show and get rich and famous? While others are learning from the show. It can go either bad or good. Although on television shows people are forced to give their opinion on something that is going  on during the show while reality people are sometimes scared to...
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