Comparison and Contrast of Cd Player and Ipod

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  • Published : November 4, 2008
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Compare and Contrast of Musical Technology
Technology has had an enormous impact on society throughout history. It has mainly influenced culture, politics, and social issues. One technology that pertains to all these issues is musical technology. Music has been around for ages, but began to evolve during the late 1960’s when many different types of music started forming. The reason music became so popular all of a sudden was because people were starting to realize that no matter what their “taste” is, there is at least one genre of music that will appeal to them. Two main modern ways that individuals are able to listen to music is through the CD player and the iPod. The CD has been around for many years, starting as a record, and has always been a very popular musical technology. However, with the society growing and technologies advancing, CD players have started to diminish because of the arrival of the iPod. Most people have preferred the CD player for many years, but since the iPod was introduced by musical technology, people have found that it is socially acceptable. The iPod provides an easier access to music and is a sleeker design that the CD player.

Both the CD player and the iPod have been the main turning points in the technology aspect of music. They are both portable media players and their main function is project audio sound. Also, each of these devices have bigger versions of themselves. For example, a CD player can be referred to a stereo and the iPod can be plugged into a port that is connected to speakers. These are good examples for if you are looking for a stationary musical media player. Something interesting about the stereo is that it can hold multiple CD’s at one time and are interchangeable. So like the iPod, they can play multiple albums and select the album that you would prefer, manually.

As you can see, these two technologies have many of the same functions, but the way that they store music and how they...
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