Comparison and Contrast Essay

Topics: Love, High school, Adolescence Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: October 18, 2010
The similarities and differences of the things that were important in my life as a child and the things that are important to me now are education, family, and friends. These things are fundamentals in my life and although my understandings of these things were different in my adolescent years the fact remains the same; that my values as an adult are the same as when I was a child. When I was a child I knew that I loved my family, but I didn’t quite understand what that meant then, now that I have reached adulthood and have a family of my own, I now fully understand the term family and what love means. This means that I love my family unconditionally even when they do things that make me mad. I am willing to give my life for the people that I love and I am there for them when they need me the most. Building a strong foundation with your family is essential in order to keep it together, just as with a house without that foundation it won’t last. When I was an adolescent I liked school, I liked competing with my siblings to see who could get the best grade, as well as making good grades in order to get rewards. It wasn’t until after I graduated high school that I realized that mistakes in my childhood could carry on until my adult life. I didn’t fully understand the concept of getting a high score on my ACT test or that my grades from high school would determine which college I got accepted into. As an adult I now understand that an education can affect my life tremendously it determines how much money I make, what kind of car I drive, and what kind of house I live in and education is a valuable asset in my life. The friends I have now are not the same friends that I had when I was a child. I didn’t understand the value of friendship as a child or how friendship and family are so much similar in my adult life; I realize how important my friends are to me. Now knowing what I’ve learned in my adult life I wish I would’ve known the same things in my childhood. In...
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