Comparison and Contrast Essay

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Long Distance Relationship

Relationship is built when a man and a woman want to make a commitment between them and hope to make their relationship last forever. Everything will bee done in order to make their relationship keep going until marriage. On the other side, there is a kind of relationship between people who live separately far away but they keep having relationship between them in the name of love, trust, and faith. That kind of relationship we call it long distance relationship. Not all of LDR (Long Distance Relationship) couple can make it through until marriage. They have bigger problems than couple who don't live far away and can meet each other easily. The problems are the distance where they live are far away, they need to spend more money to keep commonicating each other, and the worst is they can cheat each other. They will meet those problems which can cause them to break up.

The first problem in LDR is actually the distance. They live far away and they can not meet each other everyday. When those couple live separately far away they will suffer for some things like loneliness, miss each other, and they can not share the same thing and time together. How a man can cheer his woman up when they live far away? This kind of thing will effect to their feeling in relationship. The only way to keep contact each other just by phone or texting message. When they see a couple who always spend time together in weekend the LDR couple will feel sad because how can they have a relationship but it is hard to meet each other. Those kind of thing will cause them to fight and they need to more understand each other about this kind of relationship.

Then second problem is they need to spend more money than an usual couple. When the distance come as the problem they need to spend more money to meet their couple who live far away. They have to take transportion for example by plane for those couple who live different country. They need more money to buy...
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