Comparison and Contrast

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Comparison and Contrast
This is my comparison of two artifacts and how the contrast each other. The artifacts are The Palette of Narmer and The Stele of Naram-Sin. The Stele of Naram-Sin is a six and a half for tall triangular stone the depicts a great victory during the conflict between the Akkadian army and the Lullibi in which the Akkadian King was victorious and it displays the defeated army stripped and pleading for mercy from the victors, the survivors seem little in comparison in the etchings. The Stele of Narmer was made approximately in 2254-2218 BCE to display the Kings power, however The Palette of Narmer was created around 3150-3125 BCE and only stand 25 inches in height a third of the size of The Stele but just as if not more significant due to its not just being a show of power but its ceremonial and spiritual significance. The two pieces also differ in their technique which is The Stele is create in high relief technique while the Palette was create using the low relief technique. I though the important difference between the two is the creator of The Stele decided to not utilize or did not have at his disposal the ability to use color in his work but the creator of The Palette used vibrant colors to represent the importance and significance of this rulers reign. The purpose of both works was to tell a story to the people in the future generation and to ensure they knew whom it was that ruled and was victorious in their reign as chief and commanders of a people. The rulers of this time found it important in my mind to ensure that future generations knew who was a strong and vital leader and how they lead their people in war and life.

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