Comparison Analysis: The Yellow Wallpaper vs. Trifles

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  • Published : March 23, 2012
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Afan H
Prof. Harshbarger
English 111
13 Nov. 2010

Comparison Analysis
The Yellow Wallpaper VS. Trifles

Both, A play titled “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell and a short story called "The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, are alike in many ways. Both of these works of art were produced at a time when women did not have a lot to say, by authors who were pre-feminist. As we analyze the similarities between both works it is obvious that both are written by, to advocate and for, women. The main points we are going to look at, which both authors illustrate in their works, are subjugation, isolation and disrespect, important points made in both stories. As shown in both works subjugation of women is wrong and can lead to tragic outcomes, a point being stressed in both stories by the authors. Isolation and disrespect of both women lead to tragic endings in both works.

Subjugated by their husbands, Both women are isolated from society in both works. Looking at the similarities, neither women had kids and were very lonesome in their house with both of their husbands gone the majority of the time. Neither were allowed to go out and have social lives, they weren't allowed to have friends or any kind of company. They were both controlled in a totalitarian fashion. As shown in “The Yellow Wallpaper”, John's wife is made to believe that she is sick when she really isn't, her daily schedule is controlled by her husband John. She is told when to eat, what activities to do and when to rest . The same psychological game is played with Mrs. Wright by Mr. Wright in “Trifles”. Mr. Wright even kills the canary, which might be the only thing that Mrs. Wright is attached to since her freedom is taken away as we find out by the women in the play, that she isn't allowed to go out. Subjugation by these men trigger mental stress on both women which leads to tragedy.

Both women are shown disrespect by their husbands. “I didn't know as what his wife wanted made much...
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