Compariso and Contrast Myself Now and 5 Yrs. Ago

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Comparison and Contrast
Yourself – now and five years ago
Changes happen over a short period of time, while certain characteristics never fail to reside. Five years ago, I was still in elementary. Back then, I didn’t really care about grades, all I cared about was what kids usually want, like my outrageous collection of hello kitty toys and accessories. I had a weird obsession to hello kitty. I remembered wanting to go to Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo just to meet her. Being a kid, I usually cause trouble and run from problems. I play with friends under the searing sun. I got easily bored just reading. I was afraid of trying new things like meeting new people and signing up for social networking sites. I didn’t believe in myself, maybe because of the insults my peers throw at me. When I got to high school, I started getting quite rebellious. After classes, I go out with friends and go home late. I waste my parents’ money just to satisfy my desires. I didn’t really have any major goals five years ago. I wasn’t really thinking about my future quite yet. However, college life rolls in. Now, I started getting competitive. I study harder because college is no joke. Ignoring problems may work earlier but now I don’t have any choice but to face them. I am more adventurous and confident with myself right now, perhaps because of the environment college life offers. I also have almost every account on every famous social networking site like Facebook and Tumblr. Unlike five years ago, I started enjoying reading novels. For instance, in every free time I have, I am usually locked up in my room reading fictional books or stories online. Hello Kitty, on the other hand, was replaced by the cast of Glee and I am looking forward to go to Hollywood and meet them. Now, I don’t really prefer outdoor physical activities, especially being exposed under the sun and being sweaty. Five years ago, I may have gotten pretty rebellious but now, I can confidently say that I changed my bad...
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