Comparision Between Two Historical Approaches of Early Islam

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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The two articles not only refer to the experiences of the same individual, they focus on different periods in the lifetime of the individual in question. The Muhammad’s Early Life and Prophetic Call article seeks to give a detailed account of the various events in Muhammad’s life that have had a far-reaching impact on the establishment and the growth of Islam. On the other hand, Muhammad and the Early Conquests sought to give a general overview of the Islam beginning from Muhammad to its subsequent spread to among the Persians and the Egyptians. Main arguments of the article

Muhammad’s Early Life and Prophetic Call shows Muhammad’s ancestry. It has been suggested that Muhammad ancestors were important to the politics of Mecca. It calls into question the influence that these ancestors possessed given the unsympathetic treatment the other influential lineages have been treated. The author found that there was not much fabrication of facts in the Muhammad’s lineage influence over Mecca . The article on Muhammad and the Early Conquests also agrees with this premise arguing that it was the clan’s influence in Mecca that ensured that Muhammad was not assassinated by the many enemies he made in Mecca while spreading his new religion. Muhammad’s Early Life and Prophetic Call shows Muhammad growing up and the misfortunes that befell him at a young age when he lost both his mother and grandfather in succession. It shows Muhammad as a vulnerable individual and shows the grace of God upon him which helps him survive. According to the article, Muhammad survived these misfortunes through the help of the “wet-nurse” and his uncle Abu Talib. The author also shows that there is a probability that some of the information in the Quran and hadiths maybe inaccurate albeit not by far. The author notes that the ages of the authors is exaggerated Khadijah’s, Muhammad’s wife, age given that she bore him seven children as mentioned in the sources used . Moreover, Muhammad’s implies...
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