Comparing Two Adverts

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  • Published : January 11, 2012
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Compare the two adverts

The two diverse adverts I have selected to analyse consists of a Rimmel London mascara advert and a vegetarian “fight the fat” advert. I will discuss in detail the purpose of each advert, the layout, Language and audience amongst many other qualities these two adverts consist of. The purpose of Rimmel Londons advert is to inform females who are specifically interested in mascara of the Rimmel Londons “NEW EXTREAME BLACK MAGNIF’EYES MASCARA”. In doing so this advert is very persuasive as they would like their product to be bought. In comparison, the second advert annualised, is a healthy eating organisation. This advert is being used in order to persuade adults (someone other than a “child”) not to feed children meat as it “is child abuse”. Moreover this advert is being used to advertise the organisation supporting this claim and inform the audience of their web address. The objective to is to deter children from eating meat and communicate the idea that meat has a consequence on a child’s health and adult should not feed them it as they are causing them harm. Likewise, Women aged between eighteen and above are the targeted audience for Rimmel London’s product. I am given this impression as Kate Moss; a successful ‘cool’ style and beauty icon (many men love and women look up to) is the model being used to display and promote this product. This is an advantage as it would boost Rimmel London’s sales due to the fact that many women would purchase this product satisfied with Kate’s involvement and simply in order to feel beautiful, like Kate moss and model material. As with the Peta organisation advertisement, the audience this advert is being subjected to is everyone, although it is mainly for anyone other than a “child” yet imperative for parents. This advert uses the burger which is a common unhealthy food yet favourite to some, to attract the attention of their audience, everyone. However, a wide eyed...
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