Comparing the Nymph to His Love

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  • Published : April 4, 2011
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Meagan Langford
Prof. Morris
Comparing the Nymph to His Love
The poems “The Passionate Sheppard to His Love” written by Christopher Marlowe and “The Nymph’s Reply to the Sheppard” written by Sir Walter Raleigh are two contrasting poems. Everything about these poems is the opposite. “Sheppard to His Love” is very pro love and love will last forever. Meanwhile, “The Nymph’s Reply” is very much that love doesn’t last forever. This essay will compare essays theme, imagery and diction to prove that the essays are total opposites.

The themes of these are the most important piece of information in proving that the essays are opposites. The themes of the “ Sheppard to His Love” are as follows: Nature is a perfect place and will provide for all your needs; Love is the only thing that you truly need to be satisfied and complete; and love is sufficient , man needs nothing but love to survive. The themes of the “Nymphs Reply to the Sheppard” are as follows: Love doesn’t last, Love is insufficient, and nature to has its rough spots so can’t provide you with everything. So as you can see these poems themes prove that they are opposites. One is pro love and that love will last forever and the other is against love because it doesn’t last forever.

Another aspect to being able to see the difference in these two poems is the imagery that is used by the different poets. In the poem “Nymphs Reply to the Sheppard” she uses the words “ in folly ripe is reason rotten” . By this she means that in a fools eye the fruit is ripe but in the wise eye it is rotten. The imagery used in this poem is very negative. But in the “Sheppard to His Love” it is very positive giving the theme that if you love nature it will nurture you. As you can see there is a contrasting difference in the imagery used in the poems.

The third aspect of showing how they are opposite is how each poem uses diction. In the both poems the poets use the word shallow but with opposite meanings. In...
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