Comparing the Il Khans and the Yuans

Topics: Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, Yuan Dynasty Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Genghis Khan created the largest empire in the world. When he died his empire was split into 3 parts, The Yuan’s, the Ilkhans and the Golden Horde. Each of these groups was ruled by one of Genghis Khans grandsons. The Ilkhans who ruled over Persia and the Yuan’s who ruled over China had many political and economical similarities and differences.

The Ilkhans and the Yuan both had different ways of governing their respective empires. The Ilkhans allowed the Persians to serve in lower administrative positions such as ministers, governors, and state officials. This strategy was in stark contrast to the governing strategy of the Yuan’s who loathed the Chinese so passionately that many overlords wanted to have a mass genocide of the Chinese people and use the land to feed their horses. The Chinese were not allowed to fill any positions in the administration. They went so far as to bring foreign administrators such as Arabs, Persians and Europeans to rule over China. The Yuan’s where interested solely in collecting taxes from the Chinese. They did not allow them to learn the Mongol language, outlawed marriages between Chinese and Mongols and made clear distinctions between the Chinese and the Mongols. The Yuan refused to assimilate into Chinese culture. Unlike Their counterparts the Ilkhans who’s assimilating into Persian culture helped create religious tensions.

Religions mean a lot in today’s society; people are very protective and sensitive about their religion. The same goes for people who lived in Persia during the Ilkhan rule. The Ilkhans initially were very tolerant of all religions. All traces of the Muslim rule present during the Abbasid Caliphate were vanquished when the Ilkhans took over. It wasn’t until Ilkhan Ghazan went back into Persian roots and openly converted to Islam that the Ilkhans banned certain religions. Massacres of Christians and Jews soon followed. The Christians and Jews were targeted for violence and had to pay more taxes, the...
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